Accommodation update

Unfortunately, we have to report certain issues with accommodation for the WTOC 2023.

Due to energy problems, the Technical University of Liberec has extended the summer semester by one week up to July 7th and the student dormitory therefore cannot provide us with as many rooms as planned. This especially applies to wheelchair accessible rooms which are not available at all.

To mitigate the issue, we decided to hold meetings in a hybrid format – in person and online via a media stream. This means that you can find any suitable accommodation within the region (e.g. in Liberec, Doksy, Česká Lípa, Nový Bor, etc.) and attend the meetings remotely should your lodging be too far away.

Our experience with looking for accommodation in the early planning stages of WTOC is that there are good facilities but they only have one or two wheelchair accessible rooms. This was not workable for us, but might be fine for individual federations.

We apologize for this inconvenience.