PreWTOC / Information

One year before WTOC, there will be a PreWTOC Event connected to the Foot-O World Orienteering Championships 2021 in Doksy (on July 3rd and 4th). This event will be organized by the same organizing team as WTOC, by the same course setter, on maps from the same mapper, in the same region and season. Since PreWTOC is planned as an ECTO and WRE event, you will find it in the IOF Eventor, soon. However, there are no limitations or qualifications, anyone can register and try to compete with the top of world trail orienteers.

WARNING! For this event, the same areas are embargoed as for the WTOC!

An important information for all who plan to participate both in WOC Tour 2021 and PreWTOC: Although the first stage of WOC Tour is on Sunday July 4th like the second day of PreWTOC, you can compete in both if you want.