Embargoed areas

A document with embargoed areas was published at championships’ IOF Eventor page.

A list of the areas with some basic information can be found in a Google map prepared according to the IOF guidelines.

The terrain number 5 was selected for the PreWTOC event in 2022, so the emabargo for this area is valid for competitors taking part at the PreWTOC event, not for WTOC 2023 participants. WARNING! This year’s foot-o event Prague Easter 2022 takes place in this embargoed area!

1Pevnost (Jetřichovice, Všemily)
2Zaječí Důl (Fojtka)
5Pruský kámen (Jestřebí)
6Spálený vrch (Šemanovice)
7Truskavenský důl