Additional information about trainings

Some teams contacted us regarding training options in the context of the content of the IOF Fair Play Education E-learning course, the completion of which is part of the athletic license for this year.

I want to emphasize that for WTOC2023 there are no training restrictions in terms of areas. The only (strictly required) exception is a group of embargoed areas, the size of which was adjusted to the smallest possible size.

In Bulletin 3, the organizers offer maps from the last year’s PreWTOC races for trainings.

At the same time, there are many public resources in the Czech internet world where used maps can be found, especially from foot-orienteering races. So that you don’t have to look for them, I have prepared a small list of them aimed at racing areas:

However, do not forget the strict prohibition of violating embargoed areas.

Ján Furucz, SEA